Launch for the Training of Community Animal Health Workers(CAHWS) and Establishment of Agro Vet Store in Eyl District Nugal Region of Puntland

On 19, August, 2017,  Dr. Farah Mahad Farah PULPA Chairman has Launched for the training of Community Animal Health Workers and Establishment of Agro-vet stores In Eyl District, Nugal Region of Puntland, The PULPA has started the training of 6 CAHWS trainee and they were from Eyl District such as Qarhis,Elmadobe and Dhanaane, this training Was facilitated  by 2 CAHWS Master TrainersAnd the training will be continue for 46 days, PULPA implemented by this training and supported by funds Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO).

At end of the training, PULPA would like to equip for 6 CAHWS trainee by distributed with them by CAHWS kits and also PULPA would like to establish one Agro-vet store in Eyl District.


The Launching was attended by a lot of guest from different institutions such as Dr. Nur Ahmed Yusuf   Deputy Minister of Livestock and Animal husbandry Puntland , Faysal Ahmed Warsame Chairman of Puntland Non-State Actors(PUNSAA),  Adan  Caabi Samatar Director of Animal Husbandry of Ministry of Livestock and Animal Husbandry Puntland

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