Goats Redistribution to vulnerable households in cyclone affected districts of Nugal and Bari region of Puntland, August – October, 2014

On the 10th of November 2013, the coastal area of Puntland region of Somalia was hit by tropical cyclone causing heavy rainfall and flash floods. The Puntland authorities declared this as a natural disaster on 11 November 2013 the district of Eyl, Bender beyla and Qardho (Dangoronyo area only) were hardly hit by the cyclone

The  livestock sector was hardest hit by the cyclone .FAO estimated that between 250,000 and 300,000 animals died  in the three most affected areas districts namely Eyl, Dangoronyo and Bender-beyla districts within the hours flowing the storm as a result of heat steep decline in temperature combined with  heavy rains.

The tropical cyclone affected some parts of the coastal areas in Puntland and severely affected the lives of pastoral people and their animals, the livelihood of the affected community depends on animals rearing and fishing.

To prevent the most affected households from becoming a displaced people and gaining essential part of their livelihoods, FAO Somalia had funded a livestock redistribution intervention restocking project that is intended to supply 12,500 heads of reproductive female goats to 500 vulnerable affected pastoralists people in the cyclone affected district namely Eyl, Banderbayla, and Dangoronyo by distributing 25 heads of female productive goats to each effected households.

The restocking activity was jointly implemented by PULPA, KAALO and MOLAH of Puntland. The role of PULPA was to select quarantine sites, vaccinate, treat and hand over the productive female goats to KAALO for redistribution to selected vulnerable pastoralists households.

Table: Number of animals distributed in the campaign.

S/n # of Batches # goats handed over to FAO distributor Handover site/District
1. First batch of goats received 4,750 Eyl
2. Second batch of goats received 5,250 Dangoronyo
3. Third batch of goats received 2,500 Bender Beyla

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