What we do

Our work at PULPA ranges from advocacy, policy, members welfare, community outreach programs and promotion of animal welfare and health. we all the time empower our members with knowledge and skills through continues professional development and making them involve veterinary related activities in Puntland like vaccination and treatment campaigns and  veterinary extension education programs .

Our work is guided through:

  • Innovation- PULPA innovates for its own and also encourages others to initiate new ideas; techniques; and systems as well as modernizing the existed ones for the purpose developing Livestock sector of Somali with the full consideration of the environmental conservation.
  • Equal employment opportunity- PULPA encourages equal employment opportunities to all regardless of gender, race, religion, culture, beliefs, etc.
  • Promotes inclusive society- PULPA mainstream vulnerable groups like persons with disabilities in its systems, plans, programming, intervention, etc.
  • Integrity- PULPA is committed to promote sustainable Livestock sector development for Somalia.
  • Transparency and impartiality- Encourages transparency and impartiality in all its operations.
  • Non-smoking environment- PULPA ensures non-smoking environment and thus its staff adhere to this core value during working hours.
  • Comply with local and international human rights principles- Prevents illegal exploitation, child labor, bribery, sexual harassment, etc
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