Strategic Plan

  • To promote, protect and uphold the interests of the veterinary profession and safeguard the interest and welfare of all members
  • To upgrade the skills and the professional knowledge of the members
  • To carried out capacity building for the CAHWS.
  •  To promote the welfare, health and production of livestock taking into consideration environmental sound practices and well-being of humans.
  • To foster professional relationship with other sisters and international associations
  • To carried out capacity building training for the PULPA Members.
  •  To work towards elevating the status of the profession and the Veterinary Services in the Puntland.
  • Sensitizing local communities on environmental hazards of charcoal and possibility of using other alternative energies with minimal degradation of environment.
  • To educate pastoral communities on rangeland management and creating sustainable alternative ways of feeding animals E.g. Hay Preparation.
  • To improve income of the pastoral communities through enhancing production from their livestock sector.
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