PULPA Organogram

General Assembly: The General Assembly is the highest organ of the association in terms of legislation and decision making, which is either a properly constituted Annual General Meeting, or a Special General Meeting.

KVA executive committee: The executive committee of PULPA, is the administrative committee of the association. Ordinary members elect this committee through secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting. The elected officials comprise of the chairman and the vice chairman. After the election the chairman nominates the secretary General and the treasurer.

The Secretariat: The secretariat is the collecting, storing and dispatching office for all PULPA affairs. The day to day running of the secretariat is the responsibility of the honorary secretary.

Elections of office bearers are held every 4years. To date the 5th elected group of officials are in office. All positions with PULPA are honorary and do not bear any financial costs.

Vision: – Excelling in the development of healthy livestock and healthy people through professional service provision.

Mission: – PULPA strives to excel in professional livestock service delivery through:-
Credible and sustainable animal health, disease surveillance and control.
Credible and sustainable animal welfare, public health and food safety practice.
Credible and continuous capacity building.
ensuring we up-hold”do no harm” environmental sound and safe practices

Goals: –To establish an independent livestock Association in order to strengthen and improve the quality and the health status of livestock through a professional body that is responsible to safeguard the interest of livestock sector

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