About us

Puntland Livestock Professionals Association (PULPA) is a membership organization which is duly registered under theRegistrar of Societies in Puntland state of Somalia.It is formed Livestock professionals in Puntland in April 2000 to contribute to the wellbeing of the Somali community through improving the quality of livestock services in Puntland.

Its mandate is to act as a watchdog for the veterinary profession to ensure proper management of veterinary issues that impact on the welfare of the veterinarians with an overall aim of enhancing animal welfare and health and ultimately the wellbeing of humans. The association is involved in all advocacy issues and leadership of the livestock Industry. Since its inception the Association has expanded in terms of membership as well as diversity, ranging from basic animal welfare to quality assurance of veterinary professional services, and professional development of its members. PULPA is permitted to work only under the laws and regulations described in the veterinary law code. The purpose of the PULPA is to establish an independent livestock professional Association in order to strengthen and develop the quality and the health status of livestock through a private organization responsible for the safeguarding and the interest of livestock Professionals in Puntland

Successive office bearers have volunteered their time and resources to ensure the achievement of the Association’s goals and objectives in areas including safeguarding animal welfare, professional and capacity development and veterinary extension services provision.

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